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Social Studies Information

Social Studies Information

Historical Fiction Novels



      Allende, Isabel- Daughter of Fortune

      Auch, Mary- Ashes of Roses

  • Alvarez, Julia- Before We Were Free
  • Alexander, Toni- The Kitchen Boy
  • Baron, T.A.- Lost Years of Merlin
  • Bartoletti, Susan Campbell- The Boy Who Dared: Based on the true story of Hitler Youth
  • Blackwood, Gary L- The Year of the Hangman
  • Blackwood, Gary L.- Second Sight
  • Collier, James- My Brother Sam is Dead
  • Collier, James- With Every Drop of Blood
  • Conrad, Pam- Prairie Songs
  • Cormier, Robert- Heroes
  • Cushman, Karen- Catherine Called Birdy
  • Crane, Stephen- Red Badge of Courage
  • Dickens, Charles-Hard Times
  • Draper, Sharon- Copper Sun
  • Frazier, Charles- Thirteen Moons: A Novel
  • Frank, Ann- The Diary of a Young Girl
  • Greene, Bette- Summer of My German Soildier
  • Jakes, John- Love and War
  • Hansen, Joyce- The Heart Calls Home
  • Hesse, Karen- Out of the Dust
  • Hesse, Karen- A Time of Angels
  • Hesse, Karen- Witness
  • Hunt, Irene- Across Five Aprils
  • Hunt, John P.- Red Thunder
  • Lane, Rose Wilder- Let the Hurricane Roar
  • Marsden, John- When the War Began
  • Mathabane, Mark- Kiffir Boy
  • McKinley, Robin- The Blue Sword
  • Myers, Anna- McKenzie's Boots
  • Paige, Henry W.- The Summer War
  • Patneaude, David- Thin Wood Walls
  • Paulsen, Gary- The Legend of Bass Reeves: being the true account
  • Paulsen, Gary- NightJohn
  • Paulsen, Gary- Sarny
  • Peck, Richard- The River Between Us
  • Richter, Conrad-The Light in August
  • Remarque, Enrich M.- All Quiet on the Western Front
  • Renault, Mary- He Bull from the Sea
  • Rinaldi, Ann- Amelia's War
  • Rinaldi, Ann- Hang A Thousand Trees With Ribbon: The Story of Phyllis Wheatley
  • Rinaldi, Ann- In My Father's House
  • Rinladi, Ann- Sarah's Ground
  • Rinaldi, Ann- Stitch in Time
  • Rinaldi, Ann-Wolf By the Ears
  • Rylant, Cynthia- I Had Seen Castles
  • Springer, Nancy- I Am Mordred
  • Siegal, Aranka- Upon the Head of Goat
  • Taylor. Mildred- The Land
  • Turner, Nancy-These Is My Words
  • Yolen, Jane- The Devils Aritmetic
  • Wolf, Joan- The Road To Avalon


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