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IBA I Course Info     

over 2 years ago

Integrated Business Applications I Introduction

Mr. Burch Room 310    Contact:

This is a unique course in that it will give you introductory exposure to various areas of computer use.  You will learn and develop skills in keyboarding, understanding parts of the computer, basic internet use, and parts of Microsoft Office application software.  You will learn beginner and intermediate features dealing with the software that we will use, as well as learning how to produce various kinds of documents.  During the semester, there will also be 10 class days of instruction in Financial Literacy.  This is through the use of an interactive computer learning website and will cover fundamental areas of personal finance.  Personal Financial Literacy is a graduation requirement.

          Before we can learn these things, you must first be able to type.  We will spend designated time each day practicing the alphanumeric keyboard.

You will need the following:

·        One Flash Drive, (Jump Drive).  The Flash Drive does not need to be more than 1 to 2 GB and can purchased at Wal-Mart or Office Max for less than $10.00.  This will serve as your class notebook for the semester!

The flash drive will remain in the room!  Students are not to take these with them each day.  All notes, printed assignments, handouts and project work will be kept on the drive.  This is for the purpose of teacher monitoring and grading the students’ work.  Students are not allowed to save any documents or work to the computers in the classroom.  The above item must be brought to class no later than the 5th day the class meets.

Students are responsible for completing all computer work and written assignments.  If a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the student to inquire about and complete missed work.  A grade of -0- will be entered into the grade book until the student makes up work according to school policy.  If work is not made up, the grade of -0- will remain.

Greenwood District 52 Internet Usage policy will apply. Students will be able to access teacher designated educational websites.  Students not following internet usage directions will be subject to disciplinary action.




Major assessments will generally occur after covering each new skill in IBA I.  For material that is unusually difficult, assessments may be given half way through the skill for the purpose of monitoring and adjusting.  Lesson projects, (Step-by-Step), will be used in the beginning of each new skill to ensure that students are keeping up with notes and reviewing material daily. 


Grades will be determined in the following manner:  Project/Quiz grades will count as one-half (50%) of your nine week or quarter grade.  Test grades (50%) will count as one-half of your nine week or quarter grade.  Each student will maintain a Project Folder on their jump drive that will contain each assignment that is submitted for grade.  The student will also complete a Project assessment after the project has been graded.



      1)  Tests given at the end of each new skill or lesson.

      2)  Lesson projects will be assigned for each lesson and count as a quiz grade.

      3)  Lessons may be combined for exam purposes if the material is suitable.


Financial Literacy portion of the semester class is via an online tutorial and students must successfully answer subject content questions with a passing score of 70, before moving to the next module. Student scores are then recorded in their grad records for final semester grade calculations.


In accordance with Exam policy found in the NSHS Student Handbook, a final exam will be given and count for 20% of the semester grade.





Please note:  If you are absent from class, you are responsible for all work, class objectives, and notes missed during this class time.  Students will be given 5 school days to complete reading, class assignments, projects and tests missed.  This is in accordance with school policy. 


Students are provided with a Course Scoring Form to record and track grades and missed work.


1) The student must take initiative to get missed notes from a fellow student and to schedule a time with the teacher to make up tests.  Per school policy, tests are to be made up in the Homework Center. 

2) If major tests or project dates are missed due to an unexcused absence, all work must be turned in or completed the following day. 

3) If a student is absent the day before a test, the test must still be taken on the scheduled day because tests are announced in advance.