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English Honors Summer Reading 2020

If you are having trouble getting these files to print for you please follow the directions below (You can only view these documents until you make a copy.):

Once you click on one of the links above you will need to make a copy of the document. You will click file--> then click make a copy--> a copy of the document will open and you can either use the name it gives you or give it another name. You can work in this copy or print it out. If you choose to work in it and you have two projects for your course, you will need to make two copies or you will lose the work you have completed in the first copy. Copy the link above and paste it into the address  

There are also hard copies of the document at the school that you can pick up along with the assignments and books until they run out.

**Notice:  You must use your student school email address (Professional Email Address) to access the documents above.  Parents will not be able to access since they are not apart of the school domain.  Your students may email you a copy once they access the documents. 

From the High School English Department 

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