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over 3 years ago

By Mary Alice Lindsey

Textbook:  ¡Expresate!   Website:

Please do not write in textbook.  Students will be charged for any damages or lost book.

Supplies needed:

  • Pencil or pen (black or blue ink only)

  • Notebook

  • Loose-leaf paper

  • Textbook and workbook will be provided.

  • Post-It notes (Recommended but optional)

  • Notecards (Recommended for flash cards but optional)

  • Book or reading material for Sustained Silent Reading

  • Students are expected to come to class prepared each and every day.

    Grading Policy:

  • Tests count 3 times, quizzes count 2 times, and classwork assignments count 1 time.

  • Class Participation counts 1 time.

    Participation includes:

      -having textbook, workbook, notebook, pencil/pen

      -listening attentively

      -taking notes

      -being involved in class discussions and team activities

      - homework  Written homework may be assigned 2-3 times a week. Students should   review and practice pronunciation everyday.

     Students begin with 100 points each nine weeks.  Points are deducted for lack of participation. Participation grade is averaged into 9-weeks grade.

  • Special projects may be assigned.

  • Extra Credit-Students may present short reports on current events in Spanish-speaking countries. One report per week is allowed for 5 points. Points are averaged into interim grade and 9-weeks grade.  

  • Perfect attendance – 1 point will be added to each 9-weeks grade for perfect attendance.  Only absences due to school-related activities will be accepted.

  • It is important to practice Spanish everyday! Written homework assignments should be on time and complete. Homework will be graded occasionally as a CHECK grade – not for accuracy but for complete effort. ALWAYS BE PREPARED!!!!!!

    Classroom Expectations/Student Responsibilities:

  • Be prepared and be ready! Be seated and have materials ready to use when the tardy bell rings. Remain seated until dismissal bell rings or I dismiss you.

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Be respectful when others speak. I will listen when you speak.  You must listen when I speak. You must also listen to other students.

  • Solo agua! Water only is allowed in class.  No food or other beverage. No chewing gum.

  • Reasonable bathroom passes are allowed.   Please bring a note from doctor if a medical problem exists.

  • Be responsible: Students are responsible for all objectives, notes, and assignments missed due to absences.

  • I am available for extra help during both lunches and after school.

  • All rules in the NSHS student handbook are enforced in this class.

  • For minor rule infractions and consequences, after school detention in the classroom may be assigned.