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Supply List

over 3 years ago

2 marble composition books

Small binder or folder

Notebook paper

Colored pencils

Pencil sharpener


Sticky tabs to section off composition books


Clorox wipes


over 3 years ago


Mrs. Watson

Course Description: Students in this class will be introduced to the practice of theater through active learning exercises and reflective writing and will create their own theater art.

Course Goal: Students will understand the process by which theater practitioners create meaning on the stage.

Student Learning Outcomes:

·         Communicate a personal response to theater art, using appropriate terminology and criteria to respond both orally and in writing to the plays read in class and the drama production

·         Demonstrate an understanding of the process by which a play is created, presented on stage, and understood by an audience by putting on ten-minute plays and documenting the production process

·         Reflect upon the process of putting on their plays and the impact that the process has had on their personal understanding of theater


Theater is a business that lives by deadlines. On opening night the show must go on. In that spirit, deadlines in this class will be final and late work will not be accepted or graded.


Tests, projects, reflection papers                                                     50%

Daily class and homework, quizzes, participation, attendance                50%


Expectations and Procedures:

I encourage and expect accountability and responsibility. Because part of my job is to prepare students for the future, I feel these are two important qualities that make a successful student and citizen of the world.

I expect student to come to class prepared and ready to learn each and every day. Each student should come with his or her completed homework and ready to participate in class discussions. I DO NOT accept late homework and expect all homework to be turned in immediately after the bell rings for class to begin. Handing it in later during the class is considered late; therefore, will not be accepted!

Should you be absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed and make up the work. Tests and quizzes must be made up before or after school and arrangements must be made ahead of time with me. Students have ONE WEEK to make up tests and quizzes. The Homework Center is the perfect place for students to get caught up and get free extra help!

Supplies needed for this class are a 3-ring binder or folder with pockets, two marble composition books, loose leaf paper, blue or black pen, pencils, colored pencils, and 3X5 index cards.

Students will be given six emergency restroom passes per nine weeks. Once they have used the three passes, they will have to serve after school detention if they need an additional pass. They are given five minutes between classes for bathroom breaks and going to the water fountain. If there is a medical reason that causes your child to go more often, please make sure there is a doctor’s note on file with the school nurse.

Please feel free to contact me any time you have a question. Email me or call the school at 543-2911 and they will get me the message. I will return your call/email as soon as possible.