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over 3 years ago

Chemistry I



Coach Henderson


Course Description:  This course is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of chemical principles and concepts.  Students revisit in depth many of the chemistry concepts encountered in Physical Science.  Mathematical concepts will be used in this course. 


Materials:  Three-ringed binder or spiral notebook, graph paper, pencils and pens, loose-leaf paper, calculator, textbook.  Notes and handouts will be given to the students periodically and should be kept in the binder or notebook.


Grading:  Grades will be determined by a point system in which final grade will be assessed by total points earned divided by total points possible.  Tests will be worth 100 points and quizzes, labs, worksheets, and homework will be worth 50 points or less.  Grading scale is found in handbook. 


Tests – 40%

Quizzes – 25%

Labs – 15%

Projects – 10%

Classwork and Homework – 10%


Labs:  Labs will be conducted throughout the semester to enhance learning.  Lab work is to be turned in at the end of the lab unless otherwise instructed.  Points for lab work will vary with each lab. 


Projects:  Projects may be assigned throughout the semester.  This will consist of writing a research paper and constructing visual aids to help present the topic.  Point total will range between 100-200 points.  Failure to complete projects may result in 0 points.


Attendance:  I expect everyone to be here in class and on time.  If you know that you will be absent, please notify me before the class period.  Tardies and lates will be handled according to school policy.  Valuable information will be given each class period so I encourage each of you to attend class daily.


Make-Up Work:  Students will be given ample time to make up work due to excused absences.  Tests and quizzes can be made up in the homework center.  If a student returns to class with an unexcused absence, work must be made up immediately.  All students are responsible for making up any missed assignments in a timely manner. 


Classroom Rules


  1. All school rules will be obeyed in the classroom.  (SPORT)
  2. Everyone is to be in their seat when the tardy bell rings and ready for class.
  3. No eating or drinking in the classroom.  Water is allowed in the classroom in appropriate containers.  No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the lab area.
  4. Only one person is to be speaking when lectures and discussions are being conducted. 
  5. No one is to be out of their seat while lectures and discussions are being conducted.
  6. Sleeping IS NOT allowed at any time during class.
  7. Keep restroom trips to a minimum.  There will be consequences for students who abuse their bathroom privileges.
  8. Observe lab rules and safety while in the lab.
  9. Respect yourself and each other.


Topics to be Covered


  1. Foundation of Chemistry
  2. Elements, Atoms, Ions
  3. Nomenclature
  4. Measurements and Calculations
  5. Chemical Composition
  6. Chemical Reactions
  7. Chemical Quantities
  8. Gases
  9. Solution Stoichiometry
  10. Organic Chemistry


****  A midterm will be given at the end of the first nine weeks and a final exam will be given at the end of the semester.  No one will be able to exempt these exams.

By Tripp Henderson